It is important to remove oil as close to the point of origin as possible (where oil enters the wastewater stream). Why?

Remove Oil ASAP to Improve your Process and your ProfitsFirst, removing oil before the wastewater stream “mixes” with oil-free water will greatly reduce the scope and associated costs of down-the-line wastewater treatment equipment. The more the oil mixes with water, the bigger the scope of the eventual recycling task.

Second, removing oil early in the process, before it can combine with other contaminants in the waste stream, allows it to retain its value for recycling and reuse within the facility, or for sale to oil recyclers.

In the white paper:

  • Why Remove Oil Early in the wastewater treatment process?
  • Removing oil from Process Water and Wastewater
  • Waste Oil Recycling - An Unexpected Source of Revenue
  • The Environment and Employee Health and Safety
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Journey of Water - Opportunities to Remove Oil


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