Remove Tramp Oil to Extend the Life of CoolantsTramp oils (hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and greases, and protective metal coatings) in coolant create expensive and frustrating problems. Tramp oils
in coolant provide a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause problems ranging from unpleasant odor to employee skin rashes.

When tramp oils combine with other contaminants in coolant they can form a sticky substance that clogs lines and sprays. When they hit the tool, the cooling effect of the coolant is reduced, causing shorter tool life, product staining, inaccurate tolerances, and a smoky atmosphere in the plant.

Keeping coolants free from oil is an important issue because:

  • Coolant is expensive
  • Cost associated with replacement is substantial
  • Tolerances are more critical and rejects less acceptable
  • Concern for healthy working conditions and plant environment
  • Costs of downtime, maintenance and labor
  • Disposal of spent coolant is expensive
  • and more!

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