Tramp oils (hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and greases, and protective metal coatings) in coolant and wash solutions create expensive and frustrating problems such as equipment downtime, maintenance, bacteria growth, and costly replacement of coolants and wash water. Oil Skimmers, Inc. manufactures several tramp oil removal solutions, including the Brill® Model 1H tube-type oil skimmer and the CoolSkim® oil water separator and coolant coalescer. 

Our Tramp Oil Removal Guide includes product information and informative articles. 

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Remove oil from wash for highest quality finished product
  • Decrease frequent bath/wash recharging
  • Reduce chemical use and cost
  • Minimize downtime and labor costs
  • Extend the life of coolants and wash solutions
  • Better manage tolerances and reduce rejects 
  • Create healthy working conditions and plant environment
  • Lower disposal costs
  • and more!

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