Early removal of oil from your facility's wastewater can improve operation efficiencies, generate revenue, demonstrate environmental responsibility and even promote employee health.

The Journey of Water - Opportunities to Remove Oil

Today’s manufacturing and industrial processing facilities face intense competitive pressures, challenging economic conditions and stringent government regulations. To thrive, companies must engage in operational “best practices” designed to continuously improve process and product quality and reduce costs.

An often overlooked method of process improvement is to remove oil from your facility’s wastewater or process stream as soon as possible, preferably using a highly cost effective “tube type” oil skimmer. Properly applying a tube type skimmer can pay for itself within a few months by improving operational efficiencies, promoting employee and environmental wellness and generating new revenue.

In the whitepaper:

  • Why Remove Oil Earlier?
  • Remove Oil from Process Water
  • Remove Oil from Wastewater
  • Recovered Oil - An Unexpected Source of Revenue
  • Focus on the Environment and Employee Health and Safety
  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Journey of Water - Opportunities to Skim Oil

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